CUR-N399 is an HTA that targets the PI4KB enzyme with high affinity. This enzyme is located in the Golgi apparatus and is used by all EVs during replication. By inhibiting PI4KB, the EV is prevented from multiplying.

CUR-N399 is the candidate drug selected for clinical development following the design, synthesis and screening of hundreds of PI4KB inhibitors. CUR-N399 displays potent antiviral effects in the nanomolar to subnanomolar range for all EVs tested. Tested EVs include virus representatives from the EV subgroups EV-A, EV-B, EV-C and EV-D, and rhinoviruses RV groups RV-A and RV-B. Studies have shown a potent antiviral effect and reductions in virus-induced inflammation in several infection models ( ).

“CUR-N399 is the candidate drug selected for clinical development”

During development, it has been discovered that CUR-N399 also has a potent effect on RSV in vitro. The mechanism by which RSV and PI4KB interact has not yet been clarified.